Hades II: How To Unlock Oath Of The Unseen And Easiest Vows

Welcome to our guide on unlocking the Oath of the Unseen in Hades II. This challenging modifier allows players to increase the difficulty of their runs and earn more Nightmares for weapon upgrades. We’ll walk you through the simple steps to unlock the Oath and provide tips on choosing the right vows to take. Whether you’re new to the game or looking for a challenge, this guide has got you covered. So let’s jump in and discover how to unlock the Oath of the Unseen.

Hades II: Overpowered Builds You Should Try

“Get ready to dominate in Hades II with these overpowered builds! We’ll be sharing one must-try build for each of the five Nocturnal Arms currently available in the game. Don’t worry if you can only encounter four Olympians in a run, we’ve got you covered with this list. Keep an eye out for the ‘Any’ Boon, which can be paired with any of the four listed Olympians. We’ll be breaking down the strongest combinations players have discovered and explaining why they’re so effective. Let’s dive in!”

The First Descendant: 100% Achievement Guide (WIP)

“Welcome to ‘The First Descendant’ achievement guide! I am currently working on getting all 24 achievements, and I already have 17. However, some of them can be confusing, so I decided to write this guide to help you out. Keep reading to find out how to conquer all the challenges in the game.”

Ready or Not: Ready or Not All Achievements Guide (15 Achievements)

“Welcome to the Ready or Not All Achievements Guide! This guide is your ultimate resource for unlocking all 15 achievements in the game. You’ll also find useful tips and tactics for every map, including First Arrest, The Magician, The War, and more. Don’t miss out on crucial information about each achievement, such as Due Process, The Fool, and The Hermit. Get ready to conquer the game and become a master player with this detailed trophy guide. Let’s begin!”

Moonleap: All achievements [2.3.1]

“Welcome to our guide for Moonleap’s achievements in version 2.3.1! In this article, we will walk you through all 21 achievements and how to obtain them. Let’s dive in and start unlocking those achievements!”

Stardew Valley: Raccoon’s Requests

If you’re an avid Stardew Valley player, you may have encountered some friendly raccoons in the game. Did you know that after a big storm, they will move to the giant stump near the Greenhouse? Once there, they may request items from you and in return, you’ll receive a reward for completing their requests. Keep reading to learn more about these helpful and rewarding requests from our furry neighbours.

Timeloop: Sink Again Beach: 100% Completion Guide (text and video)

Welcome to the Timeloop: Sink Again Beach 100% completion guide! Whether you’re looking for a good or bad ending, all achievements, or just need some help with the controls and game mechanics, this guide has got you covered. I’ll be providing both a video walkthrough on Youtube and a written guide on Steam. And don’t worry, I’ll be explaining why each step is necessary for the full story, not just taking shortcuts for speedrunning. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to complete the game, but this guide follows the most natural path. And if you just want a quick rundown of where to find certain items and their purpose, check out the item glossary at the end. Let’s get started!

Balance 100: Balance 100 – 100% Achievements

Welcome gamers! Are you looking to achieve 100% completion in your favorite games? Look no further than Balance 100 – our comprehensive guide to all achievements. We’ve compiled a list of achievements for your convenience, making it easier for you to master every aspect of the game. Let’s get started on your journey towards 100% completion!

Margo: Margo // All achievements with pictures

In this gaming guide, we will provide a straightforward explanation on how to obtain all the achievements in the game Margo. With visual aids, you’ll be able to easily follow along and achieve all the accomplishments. Keep reading to discover how to unlock every achievement in Margo.

Deck of Ashes: 100% Achievement Guide and some Tips

Get ready to dominate Deck of Ashes with this ultimate achievement guide! Here, you’ll find a complete list of achievements, along with some useful tips to help you conquer the game. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, this guide has got you covered for achieving 100% completion. Let’s dive in and level up your gaming skills!